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Sunday, January 17, 2016


Visioning is a new word for me and since I have tripped over it several times in one week,  I will honour it's gentle reminder that perhaps I should be leaning in.

When I picked up the January issue of Science of Mind,  a guide for spiritual living, naturally I opened to the page on Visioning and Vision Boards. The latter I have only done as a collage exercise, and without the devoted intention  and attention to consciousness. While the applications for this sort of exercise are vast, what's resonating with me is the chance to envision the highest potential or ideal outcome on a given day or for an anticipated event. It's as if there could be some magical access to a field of limitless possibilities, and with the help of our focussed energy and imagination, we can become a conduit - vibrationally speaking - for these events to be made manifest in exactly the way we have envisioned.

Many of us have been doing our own version of this for years, but now neuro - scientists are on board. Dr. Joe Dispenza, for example is teaching us that by using these techniques of mental rehearsal, we can clearly shift our mood, mind and thoughts out of the past, and into a future that is free of all the burdens and density we have been tormenting ourselves with. Dr. Joe frequently asks the question, "What or who must we become to allow the unfolding of our vision?" Dr. Michael Beckwith of "The Secret" fame, is another pioneer of these techniques as they pertain to a spiritual practice. It's no secret at all, that those who have become wildly successful in their respective fields, began the journey with a singular vision and a powerful focus and commitment to manifesting their dreams. Witness Elon Musk and Richard Branson!

Thanks also to a beautiful creator who just happens to be my daughter, Danielle. This is one of her dynamic collages that just spoke to me with its energy and joy for experiences in life that are filled with love and connection and exhilaration!


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