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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Introducing Romeo!

Those who know me well know that my life is not complete without the love and affection of a precious pet. Before my beloved Rocky came into our lives, I lasted a whole three days without a fur baby! As you can see, we have a new puppy in our family! Romeo is part Yorkshire terrier and part Shizu. He is expected to weigh in at about 8 pounds fully grown, though is just half that weight right now at just over two months. I am completely indebted to my daughter Danielle and her partner Mahmood who not only helped in the hunt, but offered to come home with a pup in the event they met the One. I am loving this little guy from a distance, and with the help of Line and FaceTime, I get to see plenty of puppy antics and cuteness each day. I will finally get to hold my Romeo at the end of March when I return from wintering in Southwest Florida. For now, he is in the hands and home of animal whisperers whose ability to nurture and care for this lucky dog far exceeds that of almost anyone I know - including myself! Lucky me!