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Saturday, January 10, 2015

R.I.P. Rocky Mountain High

My beloved and handsome buddy for 15 years, this little warrior yorkshire terrier brightened each and every day. His good looks belie his age and the many health problems that challenged him - and me. There is nothing more we can ask of our furry kids than to show up the way this one did, with love in his eyes and heart, and hunger in his belly. He was my Rock!


  1. I'm so sorry, Jocelyn. I know how much they are parts of our families...thinking of you, xox

  2. You were such a good mama.. Rocky had the best home ever in this life. I will always treasure the moment when he jumped on the bed and lay on the pillow next to me. xoxoxoxo

  3. Oh Jocelyn, I am so sorry. A sweet, beautiful fur baby. You were both incredibly blessed to share those years together. Sending a tight hug to you.

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