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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Happy Halloweek

I know I know! I've been MIA! Sometimes LIFE happens! I didn't want another full season to slip away without a hello, a hug, and a Hallowe'en wish for all. With a little help from Lola here, the adorable grand daughter of one of my dearest friends, my wish for you is that your inner child breaks through the minutiae of your hectic daily routine just long enough for you to find some laughter, joy and appreciation. You may not have the occasion to actually dress up, but you can certainly enjoy the antics of others, and some of those hilarious pet costumes out there. Some of the best Hallowe'en shows available will take place on morning TV, Friday October 30th. Cheers dears!

Monday, July 13, 2015


Sunrise on the rocky shores of any great lake offers the same meditative gift. It is the ease with which we can get out of our heads and into our hearts with present moment appreciation. The same can be said for a sunset seen from pretty much any vantage point. There is magic out there to rescue us from our preoccupations and subsequent ennui. Give yourself a break. Get outside every chance you get. Get grounded in the flavour and fragrance of season. Namaste lovelies.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Lotus Love

The lotus is a symbol of transformation and growth. It can represent both renewal and new beginnings. As each new day dawns during this summer of 2015, may you find some moments of peace, joy, gratitude, inspiration and clarity. Namaste dear ones.

Monday, June 22, 2015

The New Whitney Museum

My recent trip to New York City had many highlights, but seeing the new home of the Whitney in the Meatpacking District was among my priorities. There's been as much buzz about the so-called wild architecture has there has the new choice of neighbourhoods, but I'm here to let you know that it's a "must-see" the next time you get a chance. As always, it's a random collection of art that highlights American creators through the ages, but in its new and very modern setting at the base of the Highline walking park, the fearless and sometimes jarring masterpieces fit right in. My last visit to the old location in the Upper East Side became memorable for the discovery of a rather vast collection of Joseph Cornell's assemblages. He is considered to be the Godfather of the art form, yet somehow the collection must have moved on as I failed to find any of his beloved pieces gracing the walls of the new Whitney. Instead I had to settle for Robert Motherwell and Robert Rauschenberg's infamous and daring collage abstractions.... just to name a few.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Romeo's First Summer

Our new addition to the family is almost 6 months old, and approaching the 10 pound point. He's a lover and a roamer, and  he has far surpassed the expected 'teacup' stature that was promised. Regardless, this sunny little creature continues to delight with his multiple daily greetings that always include a few embarrassing squirts and much licking of the face and lips.

My absence from blogging this year cannot  be blamed on bringing a new puppy into our lives, rather on life itself. For the second time in a decade I relapsed into a daily struggle with chronic fatigue syndrome. You may not know anyone with the disease, and indeed most medical practitioners are ill informed as well. I now know way more than I ever wanted to know, with thanks in large part to a growing community of support and educators out there who want to share their findings and experiences on the internet. Along with the expert care of my naturopath, Dr. Tara Campbell, and her custom IV infusions each week, I am regaining the vitality needed to participate in life with some sparkle. I really hate it when I lose my sparkle!!!  I just want to be able to enjoy a full day of activities like anyone else - I have even forsaken my hard core gym routine until my cellular repair system can keep up with the demands. I have always thought that the less I talk and think about these setbacks, the less I will bore others - and myself, and the less power it will have over me. The fact is ...... it is what it is, and I mention it only in the spirit of sharing so that others might know there are ways to cope and remain hopeful. There's a plethora of symptoms common to fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, and CFS, and a diagnosis takes more patience than most folks have time.  If anyone reading this wishes any support from me, please know that I am ready and willing to share my many resources and understanding of this sometimes debilitating disease.  With healing meditation comes the vision of vitality, abundance and health. That is my wish for all of you!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Introducing Romeo!

Those who know me well know that my life is not complete without the love and affection of a precious pet. Before my beloved Rocky came into our lives, I lasted a whole three days without a fur baby! As you can see, we have a new puppy in our family! Romeo is part Yorkshire terrier and part Shizu. He is expected to weigh in at about 8 pounds fully grown, though is just half that weight right now at just over two months. I am completely indebted to my daughter Danielle and her partner Mahmood who not only helped in the hunt, but offered to come home with a pup in the event they met the One. I am loving this little guy from a distance, and with the help of Line and FaceTime, I get to see plenty of puppy antics and cuteness each day. I will finally get to hold my Romeo at the end of March when I return from wintering in Southwest Florida. For now, he is in the hands and home of animal whisperers whose ability to nurture and care for this lucky dog far exceeds that of almost anyone I know - including myself! Lucky me!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

R.I.P. Rocky Mountain High

My beloved and handsome buddy for 15 years, this little warrior yorkshire terrier brightened each and every day. His good looks belie his age and the many health problems that challenged him - and me. There is nothing more we can ask of our furry kids than to show up the way this one did, with love in his eyes and heart, and hunger in his belly. He was my Rock!