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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall 14

Hello lovelies.
It's time I checked in to say hello and share some iPhone shots of my recent walks around our neighbourhood in Toronto. This is by far my favourite time of year, and it isn't just the cooler temperatures and colourful trees. There's something about the earthy smells and the occasional wood burning fireplace that bring me a nostalgic comfort I long for at other times of the year. Today was breezy so the falling leaves were dancing all the way down to the ground. Hallowe'en has a habit of being the defining day between fall bliss and the warning of winter, so wherever you are, get outside and sniff around before you have to suit up with hats, mitts and boots.


  1. I love fall but then again I love anytime a season is changing. I look forward to snow in Dec and spring, please give spring, I beg in March. I guess I like change.
    Have a great day!

  2. Oh so stunning! :)
    Dearest Jocelyn, I could not get enough of this exquisite magic either. And now...we are bracing for a polar vortex...yikes! Snow is a coming...
    But there is so much beauty there too...
    Thank you for sharing your world, dear one!
    Namaste and Hugs,
    - Irina


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