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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Is this not the most beautifully curated wrap job ever?? The biggest gift of all is the friend who created this little gem, and so many other others of which I am blessed to be the recipient. Colette Copeland is also the creator of a most delightful blog - A-bird-in-the-hand. Her daily creations and poetic spirit never fail to inspire. I can only aspire to one day put myself at the art table on a regular basis with her fearless and playful approach to experimentation with any and all media. The joy is not only in the making .... it is there for all us. Daily eye candy for the artistic soul in all of us. Namaste dear co-creators.


  1. Oh! Blush. You are so sweet xoxo
    I forgot to tell you, just in case you didn't know, that it is a REAL wishbone, soaked, scraped, cleaned, dried, and then dipped in acrylic paint. Now, make a wish!

  2. Very nice gift. I too am a big fan of Colette.


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