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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Magic in the Making!


  1. How very very sweet. They could teach humans a thing or two :)
    Mail arrived!!!! xoxox

  2. Thank you dearest Jocelyn! I have been thinking of you, and I wish you all of the greatest blessings in the year of the magnificent Horse.
    This video brings tears to my eyes....the sweetness is beyond....you always do find magical, uplifting gifts like this...thank you! :)
    Blogging has been on pause for some time for me...so much family stuff going on, as well as spotty internet.
    But that does not mean I'm not thinking of my dear, dear blog friends. Like YOU!
    You are very special to me, and I thank you SO much for taking time to visit, as well as for your always positive energy and beautiful messages.
    Yes, the more I know about horses, the more I want to be around them.... :)
    You are blessed to have had a relationship with them.
    Sending you much love and warm hugs...
    - Irina

  3. such a sweet video. Cats are amazing creatures. Our new kitten has turned me into a crazy cat lady. (I think she has mind control powers)


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