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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


The only thing better than meeting this little white Miss, is looking at the photo I took of her. As shopkeeper extraordinaire of The Wind and The Willows in Naples, Florida, she exudes not only an air of royalty, but a peaceful knowing that hers is a privileged life. It's a look I have seen in many a rescued animal, and as well their owners. It's a win win when we get to co exist with our precious pets, be they dog, cat or otherwise. There's a magic stillness and longing in their eyes. It gets me every time. It's easy to see that my month long absence from my beloved pets is really starting to get to me. This too shall pass .......


  1. Stillness has left our home since Eva's kitten has arrived. We have renamed the kitten, Chaos.

  2. What a beauty....
    I would imagine you miss your fur babies so much. When do you get to see them again?


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