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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgivukkah!

While this is the first recorded collision of both Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, it's perhaps a little known fact that it will be 70,000 years before it happens again - or so my sources tell me. Suffice to say, you'll never be able to say Thanksgivukkah again in your lifetime whereby it accurately describes either event. And so my dears, may you all be nestled in celebration - if either occasion is being celebrated where you live, and may your conversations be ignited by one simple thought ...... gratitude.
I am grateful for my dear friend, Nancy Spears who first coined that last line. I liked it so much, I had to use it myself. Namaste friends.


  1. Gratitude is the secret, isn't it? :)
    A beautiful line indeed...
    Jocelyn, dear friend, I thank you so much for your warm wishes...it's always a special gift to see a message from you...Merci!
    And we do celebrate almost everything in this wild and diverse household of ours... ;)
    I hope December is full of love and joy for you!!
    Now to catch up on your posts...
    Namaste, dear....
    - Irina


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