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Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday's Mantra

I used to play the healing music of Deva Primal when I taught my yoga classes years ago, but now I am learning more about the art of chanting mantras from her. I'm not much of a chanter, though I have an appreciation and curiosity about the healing possibilities created by the vibrational frequencies that result from using the voice. It is customary to repeat a mantra 108 times - this auspicious number relates to the number of energy lines in the human body. While I'm not prepared to go this distance with my repetitions, I do love that such an intense focus on a positive word or phrase may invoke a channel of openness that in turn invites a healing opportunity.
For simplicity sake, I like to stick with the mother of all mantras, OM. They say it's like the cosmic 'yes', the universal sound of healing. The classic, OM SHANTI OM, is the mantra that is said to invoke a sense of inner peace and calm. Amen to that and namaste dear ones.


  1. Very nice post. I need to start saying yes because lately I'm about avoidance. (Except when it comes to Eva and her homework...then she is in avoiding mode)

  2. We did three Oms at the close of yoga class.
    Love you,
    Love me. xoxoxo

  3. Indeed...looove doing this chant....
    You actually feel your vibration rising...amazing...
    - Irina


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