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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gelli Jollies

As a special birthday treat this week, my good friend Colette Copeland presented me with my very own Gelli.! The best part was the demo -where we both drew and cut out our images, and then proceeded with the mono printing process.
I have been smitten by her numerous successes with this simple method, so this is definitely the gift that keeps on giving ..... as is our friendship!


  1. Brilliant! We had such fun, didn't we. Looking forward to more... xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday and great gift! I love the dream like state of these prints, haunting, beautiful!

  3. Oh, it looks so fun -- i've been playing with gelli plates for a few years. I'd love to have a play date sometime soon! Are you around in Sept/Oct??


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