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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ta Da

It was a perfect summer weekend for back yard creativity, and to that end, I completed the installation of my Soulpad. Using only items I had on hand, I made several trips back and forth from the house. Ultimately I ended up flat on my back with a wicked spine spasm, but the pain was worth the gain, and with the addition of a meditation cushion, I'll be able to save my back from the constant forward flexion that got me into trouble. The best counter stretch by the way, is actually a strengthening move as well ......  Supermans! Everyone should take a moment every day to balance out all the sitting we do with a few back extensions. That's 'boat pose' to my fellow yogis. Namaste dears.


  1. Stunning! Truly beautiful. Even though it affected your back. Hope the boat pose did its work. xo

  2. It's so wonderful to know that real people do this. Sorry about your back. Didn't it rain? Did you have to put it all back inside?...a day or two later. I feel a move (of a chair, magazine, side table) off to the patio and 1/2 way down the yard is a big deal. Now I'm thinking "where will I go next?"

  3. WOW!!! love all the reds! Nice soulpad.

  4. Sorry about your back!! I hope you are feeling like yourself again.... :)

    This Soulpad is brilliant! Cozy and beautiful....sigh....
    Enjoy, dear Jocelyn!!! :)


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