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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dog Blog

I could easily see myself posting nothing but animal photos - or as has recently been the case, snaps of my new hairy grandson, Bo. If I spent as much time with
my daughter's Mr. Bojangles as I wanted to, I would get absolutely nothing accomplished in the day. Alas,
I seem to be able to accomplish little - even without the doggie distractions. I defy anyone to take their eyes off this guy when he's in the room, the park - or wherever he gets taken - which is pretty much everywhere. At less than 4 pounds, he is a portable love monkey, who has even managed to win over my grumpy old man yorkie, Rocky. So my dears, thank you for indulging me yet another post about our furry kids. I have my sketchbook beside me, and the wheels are slowly starting to turn ....... to be continued.


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