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Monday, March 4, 2013

Holy Basil

Source: flickr.com via jocelyn on Pinterest

I am impressed enough with the miracle herb, holy basil, that I want to share its story with you in the event you're looking for a new supplement to address your body, mind and spirit. As a member of the mint family, holy basil is closest to the sweet basil we use in cooking every day. It is one of India's most sacred herbs, and after 3,000 years, it is still revered as a powerful antioxidant, anti-fungal and anti inflammatory agent. Its ability to quiet the body's reaction to stress by lowering cortisol allows it to support both the adrenal system and the immune system while boosting brain function and elevating mood. Need I say more? My preferred brand New Chapter for Holy Basil.


  1. will look into the holy basil. I say "holy cannoli" all the time. One of our favorite restaurants just added it to their menu, yes I has some...wasn't bad. Here in Pittsburgh there is an art group working on a project called "knit the bridge". They want so cover a few bridges with knitted panels. The goal is to connect communities. I know some ladies who will love your photo.

  2. Good morning, dearest Jocelyn!
    I hope all is well and wonderful!
    What a treat to see your message this morning...and the mint really does add a very special touch to that curry.
    I have been having some issues leaving comments again...so frustrating when one wants to just stop by and say hello...
    This is such a beautiful "sweater" for the tree!
    And I remember having a box of Tulsi tea in the rose petal flavor, it was so good...thank you for the reminder to re-stock on that essential...
    Namaste, dearest...I am off to catch up on your posts!
    - Irina


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