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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Full Moon Turmoil?

This is the perfect visual representation for today's topic: Can the phases of the moon affect human behaviour? This query is right up there with some of life's big mysteries, so rather than pontificate the point with my limited knowledge on the subjects of the universe, matter and astrology, I will humbly add that I believe some of us could very well be sensitive to the atmospheric changes that pull on the particles which science has proven to exist in the atmosphere. Notwithstanding the recent discovery of the Higgs boson particle, and somewhere in the middle of modern physicist's theories and folklore, there lies a field of probability that leans towards science and math. According to regular astrologists, the recent full moon was more potent because Mercury was in retrograde. (search me). I do know that my own emotions have been more shaken than stirred lately, so I am now feeling more sympathetic to the possibility that we are not separate entities at all. By that I mean that like the universe, we consist of a bundle of particles and water -  functioning in an energy field. It is this connection to the universe, though grossly understated and simplified, that makes it plausible, and perhaps possible for us to be impacted by events and changes in the earth's magnetic pull - and beyond. (Cue the Startrek soundtrack dears.)


  1. I absolutely believe this, dear friend...(sorry about the shaken emotions) ;)...
    Everything is energy...invisible and subtle...sometimes not so subtle!
    If the moon can affect the tides, it would seem quite plausible that we are affected some way as well...
    I hope things will smooth out quite soon, dearest Jocelyn!
    Light and love your way,
    - Irina

  2. Thank you, dear one!
    Have a splendid evening!


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