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Monday, December 10, 2012

In Process

Every year at this time, I challenge myself to come up with a Christmas project.  Whether it's a card, tag or ornament, I feel the need to put a new twist on an old theme, and make something I haven't tried before. Thanks to the Graphics Fairy, I have no shortage of vintage imagery, and I seem to be going in that direction ...... but, so far ..... nothing! I'm practically putting myself to sleep as I stare at my pile of inspiration, and shuffle it around - and to no avail. Apparently it takes a little more than simply wanting to make something ..... if you have any suggestions for waking up the muse or elves, please feel free to guide me through this temporary paralysis. Thank you my deers. xo


  1. Oh, don't you worry. I'm going to sort you out, as they say across the pond. xoxoxo

  2. I think Collett's Christmas tree can inspire. I sometimes give up a project and work on something else for a while. Then I go back to the project that stumped me...often I get an idea but I have to say it usually means scrapping the line of thought I had. My Christmas cards started out made of scraps of paper. Hours of messing with designs...nothing worked. The I gathered pine branches and bitter sweet from my yard, added an old clip-on earing, a ribbon and white sand for snow. Photographed it and send to a printer. When I'm stuck it seems for me it's because I'm making a square peg fit a round hole. you have Collett the art fairy on your side, all will be well.

  3. Dear Jocelyn /try anything with angels. gold and creams and blues add sparkles. go fairy dust and relax and let your God given talent soar!!!!you are amazing and talented and just beautifully made.


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