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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Soft Sunday

Hello lovelies.
I have returned from the wild west with numerous photos, and fond memories of Canada's Rocky Mountains. It will take a few days to settle in and upload photos, but in the meantime, a nod to the furry kids in my home and yours.


  1. Cats...I have two. One is on the sofa with me right now. His name is Fuzz-a-rue a.k.a pigpen. he is long haired and usually leves a pile of hair, leaves and twigs behind where ever he has been sleeping.He is a true cat, only wants humans when he needs food and a warm place to nap. most of the time he is outside doing his thing..chasing wildlife or napping in the sun.Our other cat Mr. Tree is more like 007, slick and neat as a pin.

  2. Jocelyn, dearest, is she yours???!!
    WOW! Incredible, I have never seen a cat like this before! Gorgeous...
    I always had cats growing up, love them...
    So glad you had a great trip!
    Namaste, dear friend...
    - Irina :)

  3. Jocelyn!
    Is this really your cat! and it isn't a photoshopped image!
    wow wow wow!
    amazing! so brilliant!


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