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Friday, September 7, 2012

Photo Friday

Every time I ever took a photography course, I learned that there is always more to learn about the art of photography. I have forgotten more than I ever learned about dark room techniques and F stops, but relearning has gotten as easy as it's going to get with YouTube how-to videos and Pinterest pins. Go to my Studio Board to see what I mean ..... p.s. you'll need to click on the image below to see the today's lesson in lighting. Click on my Pinterest button for even more inspiration!


  1. I keep meaning to learn more about my camera and photo shop. But my camera skills remain as follows..take LOTS of pictures early morning or later afternoon..takes care of lighting and with LOTS of pictures Iam bound to get lucky with a few. will check your Pinterest studio board.
    have a good weekend,
    xxox, jill

  2. Dearest Jocelyn, I have missed visiting you!
    So sorry it's been a while...back to school time has been a bit hectic...
    I am hoping to upgrade to a "good" camera this year. I would love to begin learning about photography...one of my favorite art forms.
    Hope all is well with you, lovely friend!
    - Irina


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