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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thought Du Jour

Today's thought is brought to you by yesterday's Globe and Mail and my back yard Buddha.

"Sometimes you have to be silent to be heard."

Stanislaw J. Lee - Polish writer, (1909-1966)


  1. I like this quote a lot. I think I've done that a few times in the past though and not sure if it's worked. ;)

  2. ***~~~~---~~~````****"''~~~_---~~~***```
    (I'm being whispers on the wind,just caught up on you last few posts, ravens and horse collages are fab. I like the nongold Buddha best too)whispers I can do..silent no..I talk to myself to much.

  3. Indeed....
    Beautiful image, dear Jocelyn...
    I think I would go crazy without silence! :))
    Namaste, sweet friend,
    - Irina


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