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Sunday, August 5, 2012


Source: etsy.com via Belinda on Pinterest

The tea theme seems to be 'top of mind' for me today. Perhaps it was the mention on CBS's Sunday Morning show of Eleanor Roosevelt's 3 pm afternoon tea ritual that rekindled my memory and love of both tea and ritual. When I went to London, England as a teenager to meet my paternal grandmother for the first time, we were greeted with the oh so traditional cucumber and watercress sandwiches, scones, and of course a pot of English black tea served in cups and saucers....... so civilized it was.
I have been known in recent years to gather my southern lady friends for a crafternoon of traditional tea service, and to my delight they have  all shown up impeccably dressed complete with hats and gloves..... I love and miss you all!
So what would it take I wonder to turn back the clock, un-plug, and resume this wonderful ritual and lost art of daily tea service in the home??

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