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Monday, July 9, 2012

Bang On!

Please excuse the bad pun, and the topic for that matter, but when physics geeks around the world got all lit up last week about the discovery of a long sought after piece of the particle theory, I got a little curious too.  I will only talk about the "Higgs Boson" this one time, so if it's not your thing, please come back and visit me tomorrow.
I fell down the rabbit hole while reading Saturday's Globe and Mail to see if I could be made to understand what all the fuss was about. I get the part where matter is made up of particles called leptons and quarks, and that quarks make up protons, and protons make up atoms. Enter Peter Higgs, a British dude who figured out a math equation to explain the relationship, which I would prefer to think of as a 'force field'. The excitement has to do with the fact that this field, which they are now calling the Higgs field (boson being the unit), actually interacts with the quarks and leptons and acquires MASS! OK already, but why is it being referred to as the GOD particle and the GOD-damned particle?? Wellllllll, apparently this finding  supports the Big Bang theory, and calls to question the possibility that the universe was created out of nothingness, which in turn challenges the possibility of a God entity and ... and .....
Ok, I'm not touching that one! I have connected the dots and particles to the best of my very limited ability, and will sign off preferring to imagine that the divine entity exists somewhere in that virtual force field with an uncanny ability to morph - albeit virtually - into the being that each of us believes to have a connection with....... or not. (One mustn't end a sentence with a preposition must one.)


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