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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Silent Sunday

Treat yourself to the most moving example of interpretive dance and artistry ever created. As a former dance major in York University's Fine Art Program, not on my best day did I see, feel, or dance with so much as a fraction of his heartfelt gift. Namaste to you and to Hampton Williams.


  1. I'll be at a dance recital today, 53 acts. Won't be seeing anything as good as your clip. I do expect to have a sore butt..53 acts!!!

  2. Wow, I needed this guy with me in Cosco last Friday to ward off all the evil that moved around me!!! This artist is amazing xoxo

  3. How wonderful that you posted this, dear Jocelyn. I watch the show with my daughter every week...we are both in love with dance. This young man was extraordinary...it was a spiritual moment indeed.
    And you were a dance major? If I could go back in time....
    Namaste and a beautiful week to you,
    - Irina


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