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Monday, June 4, 2012

Big Day

What constitutes a 'big day' in your mind?
Notwithstanding the obvious suggestion of momentous events, I like to celebrate the smaller accomplishments in life .... such as finishing something I started.
My 'start and stop' approach to art making gets to me after a while, so with a healthy dose of disgust and self loathing, I recently sat down to complete several small pieces I had begun months ago. Now completed, they can go back into the box where they came from until they are rediscovered or given away.
Wishing you all a big day and a big week too!


  1. ummmm, a 'big day' for me is moving through it with as much ease as possible. It doesn't mean I won't be busy, or not have lots to do but, it means I will be present to how I manage what comes at me at any given mmoment...it means I'll be mindful of letting something to if I go to that crazy place :)


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