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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wise Wren

It is said that the wren is a messenger from the Gods, bringing news of future events and power to one's voice. Ladders have a more literal meaning as they speak of moving on, reaching out, or going beyond. The youngsters in this collage are not about to get too far away from the watchful eye of the wise wren. The art piece however has left my hands and ended up down the street at an adorable gift shop called, Wild Bird.  Cheers chickadees!


  1. You have got me wanting to visit the Wild Bird :) to experience and see your works of art there xoxo I love this piece and wondering if the wren is guarding the children or protecting them from a fall, or getting ready to snatch them up for dinner....lols Let's go with the first more peaceful thought I had.....

  2. I adore your work, dear Jocelyn...and the way you use symbols in your art is very special.
    I thank you so much for visiting me, for your incredibly kind messages...
    I am following you on Pinterest as well...
    It is really lovely to meet you!
    - Irina

  3. nice post. good luck at Wild Bird..I'm sure your work flys off the shelf! very nice piece.
    xxox, jill

  4. Really lovely piece and story to go with it. xox

  5. Wonderful art and your words add a lovely dimension to it!


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