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Friday, May 25, 2012


Apropros  yesterday's post and apres I posted, I read an article in Nation's Restaurant News (a trade mag) that touted Pinterest as "The Next Big Thing." According to folks who attended the most recent South by Southwest tech gathering in Austin, Texas, Pinterest is not only the fastest growing social media company worldwide, but it's the third most popular, trailing only behind Facebook and Twitter. It's definitely the easiest of any social media interface, though you need an account with one of the other two in order to log into Pinterest.com. It has a playful informality that allows each user's personality to come through as you browse the entire internet and then proceed to organize your findings. I named my favourite board "Me Likey"for all those random photographic finds that simply make you smile. I'm sure I will at some point latch on to the next big thing, but for now, I'm still finding it pretty pintersting. Cheers dears.


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