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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Instagram VS Pinterest

Apparently this was my 'most popular' pin last week. Go figure. I would love to say that I curated it all myself, but I can take no credit whatsoever.  It's just so easy - and addictive to hunt up these gems on the Pinterest boards, that when my daughter wondered why I wasn't using the Instagram app I had on my phone, I had to confess I was having too much fun on Pinterest and wasn't looking for any new distractions. I'll let you know when I fall down that rabbit hole.


  1. I went on Pinterest once, wasn't sure what to do. I find myself on one hand getting more into social media but then think turning off my computer for a month might be better. Off to make mail art while waiting for Eva at dance class. big show coming up soon!

  2. I'm Pinterest user too. But still don't know what Pinterest can't do while Instagram can.


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