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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hope and Hump Day

While this little birdy sits atop Hope Island on the  marine map fragment of this collage, the rest of us look hopefully forwards to the upcoming long weekend. Traditionally this weekend in May- whether named for Queen Victoria in Canada - or just Memorial Day in the U.S. is the true celebration of the promise of spring, and the turning point for gardeners and weather watchers everywhere.
May today, and your long weekend be filled with hope and celebration.


  1. I am just getting back to reading blogs yet, hopelessly neglegent in posting on my own as we move through this crazy transition of selling and buying homes, getting used to the new normal of health as one of mine succumbs to and learns to manage a disease, and getting my daughter ready to leave the nest. Still believing that life is good no matter what we are dealt, I am constantly using my mantra of JOY to appreciate all the possibilies in front of us. Wishing you a beautiful weekend filled with ease. xoxo


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