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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Silent Sunday

It turns out that Earth Day has collided with Silent Sunday, and so to honour what has now become the largest and most widely celebrated event worldwide, I feel duty bound to give a shout out to what has now become Earth Week - a global celebration ... and cause. First, a little history. Earth Day was first coined in the U.S. as an environmental awareness event in 1970. It is now co-ordinated globally by the Earth Day Network. Whether or not you embrace this cause with passion or ambivalence, a moment of consideration about its scope and your own impact on the environment might trigger some sort of personal ritual whereby you can observe this global movement with mindfulness.

Regardless of your view on climate change, and indeed the question of its existence,  you'd have to have been living under a rock to not notice the increasingly dramatic temperature swings and resulting weather patterns over recent years. The need for smarter technologies and alternatives to coal and fossil fuels will do more to repair the energy grid than any ongoing debate.

As for your personal relationship with your surroundings, just the exercise of composing this blog post has inspired me to express it as a relationship and not an attitude or a feeling. Over recent years, my respect for the healing powers of nature and the sheer joy of being outdoors to enjoy it has grown exponentially. It is both a luxury and a need, but to define it as a relationship is something I never pondered until this very moment. Once we align ourselves with nature and her healing forces, there is a shift that takes place - a need to respect, protect and honour its legacy - as we would one of our own.


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