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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Silent Sunday and The Real Yoga

'The real yoga' is the practice that finds you. It's the day you go to the mat and experience a new appreciation of self - a deeper vibration of alignment than previously experienced. By alignment I mean a knowingness and not the 'perfect pose' kind. In fact, when the 'real yoga' reveals itself, there is a sense of relief that it's not about the poses at all. At some point, there's an all important layer of our ego that is left on the mat to reveal a softer and more compassionate participant. The real yoga happens between the ears, and not between down dog and upward facing dog. It teaches you that less is more, and 'doing' is not the same as 'being'. This glimpse into self inquiry and discovery through yoga is not everyone's experience, but it is there for the taking. Whether you find yoga, or it finds you, trying to find your joy on the mat can take time . If nothing else, the real yoga will teach you patience.


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