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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Silent Sunday and the Moveable Feast

Before reading today's Toronto Star and the Easter history lesson penned by Antonia Zerbisias, I knew very little about the timing of the resurrection known as Easter. As for Passover - or last Seder, this last supper is fixed in the Hebrew calendar and always falls on the evening after the first full moon that comes after the spring equinox.
Upon creation of the Catholic Church in the second century, it was agreed that because Jesus was raised the first day of the week, Easter would be celebrated on Sunday. Greek Easter, while also on the first Sunday after the paschal moon, is timed with the astronomically correct full moon as observed along the meridian of Jerusalem ....  thus delayed by a full week from our ecclesiastical calendar designation.
Regardless of our respective histories, may we all enjoy a mindful celebration of the same Jesus; or simply the renewal of life and the promise of spring!


  1. I read this in the Star as well; really interesting. We just love the Egg Hunt and Chocolate and the pregnant rabbits in our back yard!!!! It is definitely a time of new beginnings xoxo


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