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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Silent Sunday

Eckhart Tolle, as one of the most respected authors and spiritual leaders of today, has found purpose in helping others find theirs. His books offer skills and practices that ground the human spirit and bring balance within. It is his belief that each individual can help in restoring global balance and thus create a more harmonious world through a new collective consciousness.
He elaborates on the idea of creating space in the mind where overthinking and doing are suspended. He calls this state 'dynamic rest'. It is a dimension of the 'formless', traditionally called 'spirit'. Tolle elaborates by saying "you can find something that is already within you that is far greater than the conditioned self." Many describe a serene sense of Presence in this state.
As I said on Thursday, there just isn't a wrong way to do this, so we need not be intimidated by our own lazy efforts at meditation. It's whatever we can do easily and willingly that gives us that peaceful background in which to carry on with our activities. If we remain open to rescuing ourselves when we begin to unravel, we can be our own salvation. We are, after all, responsible for our own inner balance.  Namaste dear ones.


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