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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wisdom for a Wednesday

If you have taken the time to check in with Zendoll, I welcome you and thank you. When you have taken the time to leave a comment, please know how truly heartwarming it is to receive them. Most of us have probably had a typical day and week so far - hopefully void of excessive drama, emotion and stress. To have a little a lot of the time just helps us navigate the fog when we have a lot very little of the time. The fact remains that an open heart and a mind that stays present  will together provide us with the best attitude and coping skills regardless of the emotional climate of the day. Think of these two attributes as an investment in your heart health. As for the cupcakes? Thanks be to Target!


  1. I love visiting and I love leaving comments! Hope you are a fabulous week. I like Wednesays!

  2. I love stopping by and sharing the love!! I am having a week with more ease as I am consciously letting go of things that really don't need to be done :) such a blessing to be aware xoxo


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