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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Style Pick of the Day

This is a page out of Fossil's new look book ...... admittedly a little plain Janish, but after all these years, Fossil has won the fall-back position of go-to leather purse and watch provider. Sometimes function wins over fashion. I'm a fan of their watch designs and when I was reminded recently that Fossil is behind the Michael Kors watch line, I didn't feel so conflicted about hunting down my forth Fossil watch when my beloved man watch fell so hard to the stone floor this week, that the second hand flew into the northwest corner of the watch face and suddenly time stood still. As for the purses, I probably have four of them too.   There is something to be said for keeping the same system alive in different colours in order to cut down on 'lost key syndrome'. Oh dear, as I read that back to myself, it smacked of old person ritual! Don't worry, I'm still a slave to fashion trends too! Cheers dears.

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  1. oh dear; I can see the watch crashing to the ground and a look of horror on your face...on the positive side, this means a little shopping excursion!!! I recently purchased a fossil watch that wasn't their traditional style...it is large and black with lots of bling on it :) However, as I look at these pics I am thinking that I could use a nice 'man' watch so, perhaps this will be my shopping goal while in Florida...the purse is nice too......ummmmmm.....xoxoxoxo


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