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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Silent Sunday and Synchronicity

My wish for us all is that in the comings weeks, we experience Epiphany! I have described it before as an unmistakable flash of 'knowingness'. These flashes are so fleeting, but if you have had one, you would know it. The few I have had have been somewhat generic. By that I mean that instead of hearing some profound message from a higher being or one who has passed, I feel it is a powerful reminder that ALL IS WELL. As messages go, this may not be enough to convince the average person that there is some mysterious force at work out there. I prefer to see these flashes as fragments of synchronicity that exist and  flow through our day to day reality. They are however only available in the present moment. Perhaps they operate like chance and miracle ...... right place, right time...... May we all find ourselves open enough not to miss one of these great moments! Namaste.


  1. Very open to synchronicities as they are often great guides for me. If my intuition tells me something and I happen to stumble upon a synchronistic moment that relates to it, I am all in ~ no logic required!!! Have a wonderfully silent day sweet lady xoxo

  2. very true..all of it. just being able to see it in the mist of living life can be hard. multitasking today..not very good at it but I need to move some projects along.
    xxox, jill


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