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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Silent Sunday

It's a rare day here in southwest Florida. In a brief hiatus from the usual 80 degree temperatures, the mercury has plummeted and forceful gusts of wind can be heard pushing through screen windows with the howl of a mid winter blizzard. While this is a photo from my Colorado collection, today I can enjoy the sounds of 'home', and the kind of dramatic weather that stirs something deep within. I feel a rush of heart warming endorphins and creative new thoughts - all of which push me in the direction of starting a new project. Before that can happen however, I will likely find myself in house cleaning mode - a procrastination technique I haven't even tried to shake..... whatever gets the job done.... But before that, I must answer to the inner voice that pushes me out the door for a workout each day. Since my craving for a cold breeze against my skin has been answered, I get to stay out of the gym and power walk around the lake several times. As for my nasty case of plantar fasciitis? I have finally had to invest in a top-of-the-line Asics gel shoe. I'm off and running - I wish! The true meaning of silent Sunday will begin when I do.
Enjoy the Grammy's tonight! xo


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