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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday From Thailand

My travelling friend, George Mahaffey's description of the journey to this sacred hall was as breathtaking as the shrine you see in this photo.
WAT is the Thai word for temple, and this one is situated in or near a bamboo forest. You can walk or drive the twisted road through the densely wooded area.....  with this peaceful silent scene as your destination. If this image has any effect on you at all, you can just imagine what it would be like to experience it first hand.
Namaste friends.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello Hannah

A propos my last post, I got one other delightful post card as a result of Jill's mail art swap. Hannah Kock's art piece came with a wonderful greeting about who she is. Her meaningful message goes like this: "I strive to create a visible lift in all that I do!" Her colorful collage is certainly proof of that, and I thank her for taking the time to share her gifts.  Cheers dears.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday's Friend

Meet Jill Eudaly of Recycled Daze fame, and her paper bag masterpeices!
I think Jill should offer a tutorial on this technique because the outcome is incredibly rich and textural. I'm still looking at these oversized post cards in awe and trying to picture the process. As the lucky recipient of Jill's contribution to the mail swap that she organized, I'm calling it a WIN-WIN way to end up with some really cool mail, and a new friend.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sunset and Sand Castles

One great blessing of time spent south is the opportunity to simply BE ..... to be at the beach as the sun slips down beyond the horizon .....to hear the chatter over the roar of water, waves and gulls, and to feel the day's holding patterns release their grip on your body, mind and spirit. Namaste.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday from Thailand

My Buddha source and friend, George Mahaffey has returned to Thailand, where he is resuming his journey and kindly sending me these wonderful photos. George tells me there are different Buddhas for each day of the week, and he believes that this one is a Saturday Buddha. I hope to learn more about this part of the culture later. For now, he sends us this beauty from Wat Pho. He/she is protected by a multi-headed serpent whose body coils below the Buddha's feet. OM....

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Silent Sunday and Synchronicity

My wish for us all is that in the comings weeks, we experience Epiphany! I have described it before as an unmistakable flash of 'knowingness'. These flashes are so fleeting, but if you have had one, you would know it. The few I have had have been somewhat generic. By that I mean that instead of hearing some profound message from a higher being or one who has passed, I feel it is a powerful reminder that ALL IS WELL. As messages go, this may not be enough to convince the average person that there is some mysterious force at work out there. I prefer to see these flashes as fragments of synchronicity that exist and  flow through our day to day reality. They are however only available in the present moment. Perhaps they operate like chance and miracle ...... right place, right time...... May we all find ourselves open enough not to miss one of these great moments! Namaste.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

i pod update

Since I'm due for a download update on what my computer calls "jc's gym-pod," I started pondering what tunes have grabbed my attention lately.  I play different music at different times of the day, but to kick start my workouts I'm likely to fall for the beats of today's hip hop top 40 and anything that Daughtry, Pitbull and David Guetta have put out. For example, there's 'Nothing But The Beat' by Usher and David Guetta, Chris Brown and Pitbull's 'Planet Pit', Shinedown's 'If You Only Knew', and Adele can do no wrong as her recent Grammy wins can attest. Noticeably absent from the nominee roster however was another favourite of mine, Christina Perry. Her 'Jar of Hearts' remains an all time favourite. Along with the more recent release of the new Twilight movie's wedding theme, '1000 Years', I will no doubt branch out to some music from groups that are somewhat newer to me - Scars on 45, Staind, and about four other names that have slipped into the fog of my 'senior moment'..... to be continued. May your weekend be enhanced by the sounds of your favourite artists, the taste of a fine wine, and food and friends you love.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Style Pick of the Day

This is a page out of Fossil's new look book ...... admittedly a little plain Janish, but after all these years, Fossil has won the fall-back position of go-to leather purse and watch provider. Sometimes function wins over fashion. I'm a fan of their watch designs and when I was reminded recently that Fossil is behind the Michael Kors watch line, I didn't feel so conflicted about hunting down my forth Fossil watch when my beloved man watch fell so hard to the stone floor this week, that the second hand flew into the northwest corner of the watch face and suddenly time stood still. As for the purses, I probably have four of them too.   There is something to be said for keeping the same system alive in different colours in order to cut down on 'lost key syndrome'. Oh dear, as I read that back to myself, it smacked of old person ritual! Don't worry, I'm still a slave to fashion trends too! Cheers dears.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For the Love of .....

You ... and You .... and all of You!  Yes, I finally had my play day and managed to make a few Valentines for my precious peeps. Hope you're all enjoying a heart focussed Valentine's Day.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Silent Sunday

It's a rare day here in southwest Florida. In a brief hiatus from the usual 80 degree temperatures, the mercury has plummeted and forceful gusts of wind can be heard pushing through screen windows with the howl of a mid winter blizzard. While this is a photo from my Colorado collection, today I can enjoy the sounds of 'home', and the kind of dramatic weather that stirs something deep within. I feel a rush of heart warming endorphins and creative new thoughts - all of which push me in the direction of starting a new project. Before that can happen however, I will likely find myself in house cleaning mode - a procrastination technique I haven't even tried to shake..... whatever gets the job done.... But before that, I must answer to the inner voice that pushes me out the door for a workout each day. Since my craving for a cold breeze against my skin has been answered, I get to stay out of the gym and power walk around the lake several times. As for my nasty case of plantar fasciitis? I have finally had to invest in a top-of-the-line Asics gel shoe. I'm off and running - I wish! The true meaning of silent Sunday will begin when I do.
Enjoy the Grammy's tonight! xo

Friday, February 10, 2012

Quote of the Day

This wee package was sent off to help a dear friend celebrate her birthday ..... more on the contents and recipient another time. You can see by the yiddish comment I put on the tag that birthdays are barely tolerated. With that in mind, I found a quote I had written after being inspired by something Ed Asner said during a TV interview once.
"The most humbling part of aging is reconciling what you don't know while revelling in what you do know."   From one who is still in life school's kindergarten, I bid you all a blissful weekend.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wisdom for a Wednesday

If you have taken the time to check in with Zendoll, I welcome you and thank you. When you have taken the time to leave a comment, please know how truly heartwarming it is to receive them. Most of us have probably had a typical day and week so far - hopefully void of excessive drama, emotion and stress. To have a little a lot of the time just helps us navigate the fog when we have a lot very little of the time. The fact remains that an open heart and a mind that stays present  will together provide us with the best attitude and coping skills regardless of the emotional climate of the day. Think of these two attributes as an investment in your heart health. As for the cupcakes? Thanks be to Target!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Franklin Roosevelt said,  "Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort."

While I work away on some cards for fellow blogger Jill Eudaly's mail swap, I will share another Graphic's Fairy gem to get me in the mood to create. In exactly one week it will time to celebrate the day so dear to my heart .... February 14.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Silent Sunday

Wear, share, read and think what you believe in. As a tangible reminder to keep yourself inspired and in alignment with your beliefs, make choices each day to reflect your commitment. Namaste dear ones.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Weekend for TV Warriors

The Wall Street Journal asks, " When did Superbowl turn into New Year's Eve?" God forbid there be no invitations from friends or family to gather for this blessed event. And if you have accepted an invite, you could save yourself some scorn by establishing the TV 'situation' before you go. If there's 'no crying in baseball,' there sure can't be noses out of joint when the hard core fans sneak off to the bedroom TV.
As a clueless-but-curious football fan myself, I till wonder why more people don't watch the Superbowl the same way they do the Academy Awards - in the comfort of their own living room - where there's minimal screaming and antics following each play and where the million dollar commercials can be truly appreciated.
Here's one now ....... Ferris Beuller lives! 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Kickstart to Heart Day

While most of my American friends are preoccupied with kickstarting their Superbowl plans, I'm in my craft corner creating Valentine's. These cute tags however are not of my own making. While roaming the shops at Etsy recently, I treated myself to these adorable vintage goodies from Seasonal Delights. I justified the purchase as a visual kickstart to put me in the mood. Needless to say ... to be continued ...