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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The story behind the art ...

I attended a wonderful art show a few weeks ago, and came home with these two prizes - to add to my growing collection of works by Holly Hambrick. Holly continues to embrace and to share her colorful story  - that of growing up the black sheep amongst a herd of gypsies ..... she's a truth teller, a pioneer,
and a warrior with intuitive connections and an open heart. When I saw the little dress, and learned that as a child, she had loved to climb trees, I knew she was a kindred spirit. I too spent countless hours climbing and swinging from  two great pine trees at my childhood home. I wore sap stains on the back of my legs as proof of time spent being one with the smell of fresh pine and the gift it is to live near a wooded area.
As for Cowgirl Rules.... They tell the truth .... Cry when they need to ....Are true to their partners .....
Ride fast .....  and Shoot straight. I would say that covers all the important matters in life. Happy Trails folks. Enjoy your weekend.


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