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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Silent Sunday

For many who make attempts at a formal meditation practice, there is simply so much mental chatter going on that the moments of clarity are few and fleeting.  The folks at "Meditation Express" suggest that you imagine a rushing mountain stream flowing through your mind. Every time a new thought enters, you throw it into the stream and watch it float away. In my case, the power of fleeting thoughts can trump the visualization, so when I rediscovered these 'memory pouches' I had made some time ago, I wondered if holding onto something tangible and visualizing the distracting thoughts going straight into the pouch might aid my efforts. Alas, my attempts at meditation are so fleeting, that I haven't tried putting this into practice yet. In my own defence, I found the perfect quote to support my failings.

"I was trying to daydream, but my mind kept wandering." - Stephen Wright.


  1. This is definitely synchronycity as my post speaks of meditation as well!!!! Have a wonderful 'Silent' day!! xoxoxo

  2. I feel like creating art is meditative. just finding quiet time in my house is hard!

  3. About meditation -- you touched a nerve. Ever since the foot injury everything has stopped, yoga too. Not an excuse for meditation, I know.
    I love Stephen Wright :)

  4. Adorable babies!!!! I see you are keeping your baby collection going!!! love you! miss you!!!


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