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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Silent Sunday and Sacred Geometry

Each of these bird collages features a different geometric symbol, representing energy, growth, truth and wisdom respectively from top to bottom. For unknown reasons, I have returned to these ancient and sacred symbols with renewed interest. With roots in the study of nature, mathematics, cosmology and modern science, sacred geometry somehow helps to prove the theory of metaphysical oneness - the interconnectedness of all creations in the universe.  Whether it is the hexagonal cells created by honey bees, or the perfect chambers of the nautilus shell, there is evidence of perfection in design, pattern and structure. Artists and architects have for years been mindful to include these same sacred universal forms that are also found in light and music. Leonardo da Vinci drew geometric figures with the fundamental measure known as the 'golden mean' or the 'golden ratio.'  The sphere is the ultimate expression of unity, integrity and completeness. The circle - a 2-D shadow of the sphere is the icon of oneness and wholeness. To know and appreciate the symbolic value of certain shapes, numbers or creatures is to understand our intuitive attraction to them. I find it reassuring to know there is science instead of madness behind my obsession with things like birds, pears, circles, crosses, ladders, bowls etc. etc. If you share my intrigue, check out Crystalinks.com, sacred-geometry.com and Crystal-life.com.


  1. These are beautiful...the green of the green and the red of the red, and then put together; lovely and warm. I think that I like obsession to come from madness instead of science...seems like a better fit for me :) Every time I open your blog, I am drawn to 'Native Love' in your Etsy Shop....please save it for me, and I will fetch it when we connect next xoxo

  2. these are beautiful! and thanks for the mini lesson :)


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