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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Zendoll Workshop

Ready, set, Go! You can never be too organized ..... Have you ever noticed that it takes forever to wrap those first few gifts? It's like trying to speak a foreign language - you grope to find all the right ingredients - including the right words for the tag. As I write this at the crack of way before dawn, it occurs to me that of all things in which to over-achieve, I've chosen gift wrapping! I'm really hoping it leads to bigger things, but for now - I'm on a mission.
Here's to world peace!


  1. A monkey could gift wrap better than me...no heart for it. My husband is not allowed to use the "O" word on me.."O" -- organize.
    xxox, Jill

  2. What can I say? You know me and wrapping.... xoxo

  3. Love all the tags and wrapping ideas!! I talked a group of women into having a card making night and they were so inspired, that they want to start a monthly "create" night. Look at how that works....one day at your kitchen table in T.O. making cards and a year later 10 women are doing the same in Kingston ~ such an inspiration, you are!!!! xoxo


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