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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Deck the Halls

Today's the day! With a little inspiration from a recent visit to Anthropology, and a revisit of these display photos from last year, I'm off to find the perfect pine. If you happen to know how decorating the tree came to be known as ' trimming the tree', do let me know.
Cheers dears.


  1. Trimming the tree just means putting stuff on it! Like, say, turkey dinner with all the trimmings....
    Love those Anthro signs. xx

  2. love the reindeer!
    jocelyn, might you be able to email me the photos that you took of my booth at ooak. we only got a few photos! you can send them to me at girlcancreate@gmail.com The show went well and now i will be having some gallery representation at a few galleries across Ontario which is very exciting indeed!

  3. For me it's all about getting the tree out of the box. My husband travels a lot so I got a fake tree many years ago since I found myself dealing with Christmas on my own. Right now I have a very tacky fake white tree that I LOVE.
    I think the reindeer in your post would fit in at my house!
    xxox, jill

  4. I just bought a fake tree as well, with all the lights already in it. Amazing!!! I do it all myself as well so, I'm all for whatever makes it a little more manageable! Jacqueline is coming over on Sunday to help "trim" the tree with Olivia and I. Bought the new "Glee" Christmas cd today....card making next week and more shopping....some baking.....I'm up for some serious creating!!!! Merry, Merry!! xoxo


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