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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Spirit of Winter

Anthropology in Naples,  Florida has captured the spirit of the season in all it's woolly glory. They are featuring the most adorable miniature mitten sets as tree ornaments. From what I hear of the weather up north,  winter has launched its first attack of chilly air. I am preparing to transition from the humid 80's to the chilly 30's. Bring it on Mother Nature!
Blessings to all who are preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving 2011.


  1. We have welcomed the snow and are, simultaneously, preparing for Thanksgiving as Simon arrived home Monday for a week with us. Happy Thanksgiving to all those south of the border!!!!

  2. Sometimes it's good to have cold weather so we can enjoy the goodies in the photo! ha!
    See you soon... xxxxx

  3. I can't find your email! I'm at the One of a Kind Show today ( thurs) working in booth O6! Im here all day. I'll look for Danielle's booth!


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