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Friday, November 11, 2011

Food Truck Friday

Once a week at the Farmer's Market in Bonita Bay, Florida, the food trucks roll up and set up for business.
The vendor of this pink beast sells 'Cakes and Shakes'.

My first experience with this food truck movement was out in Portland, Oregon, where apparently things really got started. There were close to a hundred such food trucks in a designated parking lot in the downtown core.
There was representation from dozens of ethnicities, and clearly the Tex Mex possibilities were endless.

Hopefully this movement will be embraced as the trend spreads through North America. The city of Toronto has not made it easy- sadly - for the dozens of vendors trying to share their authentic cuisine. It's hard for the rest of us foodies to see the down side to fabulous street food, so hopefully, the passionate will prevail.

Bon Appetit! Tomorrow's market day here in Bonita Springs.... time to sample some good grub!


  1. cakes and shakes sounds like a great combo!! These truck vendors are becoming very popular all over Canada....Vancouver is full of them. xoxo


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