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Saturday, November 12, 2011


Yes, I know that was yesterday's date, but it really didn't impress me much until 11:11 pm. That was pretty cool. The best part is doing it all over again next year. After that, the party's over for several decades, so if you like numbers like I do, you're about to google the significance of 11's.  Cheers dears.


  1. ummmm, I never really thought of numbers meaning anything.....if I had to pick a number it would be 3....I was born on the 3rd day in September (month 9) in 1960. Seems to be alot of 3s and multiples thereof. I'm going to google it now....

  2. Wow, there is a symbol of a triad that represents the unity of mind, body and spirit, otherwise known as Authenticity; that is synchronicity if I ever experienced it; thanks for enlightening an otherwise uneventful Saturday night!!!!! xoxox


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