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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Answer Feather

The Answer Feather is a traditional healing tool for those seeking answers. Like stones, some feathers have more appeal than others, so you are to keep your selected feather with you until - in the next day or so, your answer becomes clear. The ritual is completed by releasing the feather back to Mother Earth after thanking it.
I'm a firm believer in thanking the universe for your answers in advance of actually knowing. The optimism that you will know creates a shift and an openness to intuit a clear path for yourself.
Namaste friends.


  1. you know we're are all going out to stalk birds now..just kidding. I've never heard about this power of the feather. Good to know and interesting.
    xxox, Jill

  2. beautiful!! I use this in my Artist's Way workshop...we all hold and stroke, feel, absorb a feather, close our eyes and allow whatever thoughts come our way to enter and do their magic. All the feathers then go into the Buddha Bowl as an intention. Lovely! xoxo


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