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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall Fitness Mantra

While art and creative thoughts occupy much of my time these days, my past life passion for fitness and training still plays a big role in each day. After 20 years in the industry as both trainer and gym owner, my workouts today are more creative and efficient than they have ever been. I no longer want to spend hours in the gym, nor do I need to, though hot weather forces there just to get the job done.  These days, it's all about getting outside to enjoy cooler workouts and better variety where the cardio program is concerned.
For optimal efficiency, I hit the hills!
Oh to have this view of Georgian Bay after a 30 minute hike to the mountain top! Toronto's numerous ravines offer the next best leg workout, as does the nearest hill where you can focus on repeats and speed increases to maximize efficiency of available time. The same goes for getting your bike out and heading up the steepest hill you can find. I have an unending list of workout possibilities to suggest, but you and I both know, the best one is the one that You will do. With that in mind, your fall fitness mantra is 'OUTSIDE PLAY EACH AND EVERY DAY'.

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