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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Did you know?

...that onions have powerful antibacterial and antiseptic
Onions also absorb bacteria. In fact, an uncooked onion is like a magnet for toxins. They can attract and grow bacteria so rapidly that it is considered unsafe to keep a portion of raw onion out, or even in a zip-lock bag for later use. If this sounds overly alarmist, perhaps these documented stories will help convince you.

To ward off the black plague many years ago, onions and garlic were placed in each room.

In 1919 when flu killed 40 million people, a doctor in a rural area learned of a farmer who had placed an unpeeled onion in a jar - one for each room. All members of his family remained healthy during this epidemic.

More recently, I read that a patient suffering from a bout of pneumonia knew about the onion theory, so tried it out. Sure enough, the onion she had placed in a jar beside her bed was blackened in the morning, and she had started to feel better.

Thanks to one of our dear Florida friends for forwarding the onion info. Thanks also to the Graphics Fairy for this awesome vintage print from an 1870'2 gardening book.

P.S. Dogs cannot metabolize onions at all, so like chocolate, keep it away from your beloved pets.


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