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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday Wisdom

This is the Buddha that got away from me. When I went back to Homesense to reconnect with the profound energy of this particular image, it had already been taken away to another home.
My point is obviously not to be a smarter shopper - though I do feel I excel in this area. Nor is it to continue the search.... Those who know my home would agree there are sufficient Buddhas both inside and out in the garden. This is about that with which we find a connection. It is to say that if we engage in a practice of contemplation, meditation, yoga or prayer, there are bound to be more insights and moments of connection. This can only lead to a  deepened sense of purpose. Each day I await the momentous AHA that will help me channel all that energy into a path of service that makes perfect sense .... I guess the search continues after all.


  1. thank you. I come to your site to be renewed and
    inspired especially when I am feeling a little blue.
    and it seems to work, just the cheer I need.
    Many blessings Monika


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