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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday's 'Thought du Jour'

"The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to sharpen."

Eden Phillpotts - english writer - (1862-1960) and Toronto's Globe and Mail.

I'm starting to take this brain sharpening stuff seriously..... it's not like I haven't had lapses or groped for words that years ago would roll off my tongue with ease. I actually do like the challenge with numbers and patterns that Sudoku offers, but it's right up there with surfing the net as time wasters go. Learning a new language  could be my favourite of the so-called brain enhancing practices, but acting on that one requires choosing both a language and a venue, and admittedly I'm lazy when  I leave south west Florida where I study spanish all winter. Mandarin chinese would be my next choice if I were going for a new experience altogether. They say that learning to play an instrument offers the brain new pathways and the kind of plasticity that helps ward off various forms of dementia. I have yet to crack my electric guitar out of its case, but the urge to move forward with music lessons is getting more compelling by the minute. Don't even get me started on the countless possible causes of brain fog in your fifties...... suffice to say it's a collision course of hormones, drug/supplement reactions and life whether it's in the fast or the slow lane.  Alas, there's always a new set of rubber stamps to help me go to my happy place, and those vintage numbers are classic!  Cheers dears.


  1. If you had a piano, we could play. I keep my brain sharp by learning new techniques -- hehe!


  2. jeez, i'm listening to 'la mer' (on your sidebar)... i think that'll grow a few new pathways all by itself... must add it to my mp3 player!!

    thank you for your kind words at my place - i couldn't reply to your comment again! ha! we'll nourish some brain cells getting this hammered out. : )


  3. I blame the kids and dogs for my brain fog.Today was a long summer vacation day. not sharpening my brain...having a beer instead. so far, it's working for me.
    bottoms up!
    xxox, jill


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