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Friday, August 5, 2011

Red Canoe #3

My inner critic has interfered with my appreciation of this piece, but in the name of sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly, I will say there was a lot learned as I trouble-shot the various compositional and colour issues that continued to pop up. This isn't even the final version I realize. Regardless, it evokes a memory of my very own red canoe. The first of many wonderful birthday gifts from my beloved husband, Rick. In all, we have celebrated 35 birthdays together. I hate to think of how old that makes us sound, but I, for one, try never to act my age. The family will attest to that.
Have a fun-filled weekend friends.


  1. This is such an incredible piece! So beautifully designed an interesting! A real show stopper for sure!

  2. I rather like it as is. if you do change it please post it again. The circle reminder me of the Indian Ledger works i saw on vacation. Several Native Americans are making painting on paper from old accounting ledgers. They collectable and have a following.

  3. I was in a red canoe this week with Hank and Jakie Boy!! It was beautiful out on the lake and so peaceful.....I love this piece!!!!

  4. I love this!!! How large is it? Are you selling it? I want it!


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